What is MapCloud? It is a platform for sharing map data.  We host and serve geographic data so you don’t have to.

OK, what do I do now? The sky is the limit! You could use our web map services to add geographic content to your applications, or you could download data from MapCloud to use in mapping software. Check out our tutorials to get started.

What is a web map service? It is a standard protocol for serving map data over the Internet.  We deliver our geographic services via open and widely accepted formats, such as as GeoRSS and GML, that comply to ogc standards.

What is mapping software? Mapping software is commonly used to view, query, edit and manipulate map data, and there are a variety of commercial and open source mapping software packages.  If you are interested in downloading and working with data from MapCloud, we recommend the following free and open source applications:

There are also a number of other open source software packages that can be found on Sourceforge.

Does it cost anything? Nope, its free!

Can I upload my own spatial data? Not yet, although we hope to have that functionality soon. If you have data you would like us to host on MapCloud, feel free to drop us a line.

I want my own map cloud… Can you help me do that? Sure, drop us a line .